"And they call it...Petal Love" tra la la la la la la

Why are we attracted to flowers?

For some people its the colour; for others its the way it looks and for most of us its the fragrance.

Many a human love story begins with a fragrance even if we don't realise it, whether its a natural body scent, an aftershave or perfume that turned your head; a gift bouquet of freesias or lily's on a first date can all be the beginning of a beautiful romance.....and fragrance is the beginning of a gorgeous secret love flirtation for flowers too.....everyday there are powerful seducations happening in our own gardens and its completely will look at your flowers in a very different way once you find out!


The fragrance of flowers is powerful, and despite how important we think we are it was never designed for our satisfaction; for the natural world a flowers's scent is its announcement that it is ready to be pollinated, letting the world know that it is fertile, frisky and ready to tempt the bees into its perfect centre that is now brimming with nectar - by releasing its mesmerising perfume the flowers are indeed saying "heh bees! come & get me!"

I read a fabulous book written by a wonderful author - Stephen Bachmann "The reason for Flowers" I almost blushed at his description of a Lily's sex life.....

Talk of the stargazer lily's long tumescent rod, topped by a broad tip oozing a clear, stick liquid that juts suggestively from the centre of a yellow starlike throat sounded like something from a very risqué Mills & Boon book, but what he was actually describing was the Lily's female reproductive organ that has evolved to catch & hold pollen grains (these dust like particles are the male essence)

To delve further into the sex life of a Lily we need to look at the orange stems that surround the rod that is in the centre of the lily, at the peak of their urge for pollination they are poised, ready to release their fertile pollen at exactly the right here is the strange thing about the is both male & female and yet prefers to pollinate others...the bee will transport the fertile pollen deep into its centre where the ovary is hidden waiting....and then gets transported to other non relative flowers!

Humans feel that we have a special relationship with flowers, we love to look at them, we love to smell them, admire their beauty and gift them to others...their petals & fragrance were never meant to for us.....they have been calling for millions of years to tiny insects, enticing them to wiggle, burrow and carry their precious pollen

It is sad that some flowers never get the chance for pollination; grown en masse, picked from their natural habitat for our pleasure, with no chance of offspring, cut young and then discarded from the vase without a second thought...

we do sell flowers at Madam Llama's, but we do believe in locally sourced naturally grown flowers, our flowers are happy field flowers that have been pollinated naturally. the summer months our patches are buzzing with the sound of bees playing their part in pollination. in the same nature our stems may be wonky and the petals natural...nothing is forced or chemically fed...because why would we want to interfere in something that nature can clearly do better than us humans?

Sending you all so much Love

Madam Llama


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